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  1. gray mouser's Avatar
    Here are some screenshots of Midnight Pool iPhone game from Gameloft.

    I was holding off on buying any of the other pool games since once block breaker deluxe 2 came out I knew Gameloft would have to release Midnight Pool. That is one of their main titles and it was definitely worth the wait.

    You can do almost anything with this game, and there are something like 4 different games to play. I prefer 9-ball & 8-ball but they are all fun.

    The graphics are good but I really like how the game plays. There is so much depth in this game and I haven't even gotten through much of the story yet.

    I don't care about the story but the players are actually kind of funny and you get the option of changing their outfits (if you are into that sort of stuff). I just think it tells you how much detail they put into the game.

    Here are a couple of screenshots:

    Looks like a good shot but he sucks.

    She can't play either but she's cute for a computer image:

    Here is a link with some more information about the game:

    Midnight Pool for iPhone

    If you are a pool fan I don't think you will be disappointed with this one.
    2008-10-24 07:04 PM
  2. TheOrioles33's Avatar
    Very cool! Cant wait for this one!
    2008-10-24 10:44 PM