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    Hello, For my software design project I decided to make a small and very simple app on xcode through my iphone. Unfortunately I noticed when I put my xcode to Device/Release it tells me that I have no certificate to do it. I have searched the web and tried to do some the the instructions they have said. All guides did not work at all.

    If someone knows, plz tell me a step by step guide

    Thanks in advance

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    2008-10-31 12:12 AM
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    I'm not sure if you can get it to work completely through xcode (I believe there are self-signing methods etc, I'm just not completely sure how that works).

    Here's how I do it though:
    1. Compile the app for "device". Use build rather than build and go (no need, it won't work).
    2. Get the app from the build folder and manually transfer it over (via SSH or another method) to /Applications
    3. Go into mobileterminal on the phone
    4. It should be executable already, but you may want to make sure it is! ("chmod +x /Applications/blah.app/blah")
    5. You may need to restart springboard (definitely if it is the first time you put it there, usually not when you just replace the existing app).
    6. Use ldid to fake-sign it ("ldid -S /Applications/blah.app/blah"). If you don't have ldid, get it from Cydia. If it works, it won't give any output.
    7. Run your app!

    Hope that helps. The terminal commands are from memory, hopefully I remember them right!
    2008-11-01 01:27 AM
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    thanks for the response. I think I tried something similar but the problem in that I do not know how to "compile" the device app. How do you do that.

    you have been thanked
    2008-11-01 10:24 AM
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    sweet I found out. thx cazlar
    2008-11-02 11:12 PM
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    You mention that you found out how to compile the device app. That's the step I'm stuck on! Can you help out and let me know how to do this in Xcode? Thanks
    2009-03-16 08:31 PM
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