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    Babyphone is a Baby Monitor that will call you on your own house phone or any other phone to be alerted upon the child awakening, without having to be camped out, next to the door to the baby's room.

    The main screen of Babyphone shows the current status, the microphone sensitivity and the threshold for triggering the alarm.

    If the Microphone's display reaches or exceeds the set threshold, the previously defined phone number will be called. After completion of the call and the expiration of the delay Babyphone will reactivate itself again.

    In the settings you can enter the number to call. In addition, there is a sleeping interval with an adjustable delay in minutes, after which Babyphone will reactivate itself again.

    Babyphone is a Babymonitor
    2008-11-28 06:01 AM
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    where do you get it?
    2008-11-28 05:18 PM
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    well I hope the appstore because thats the forum he posted in...

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    2008-11-28 05:20 PM
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    This looks handy.
    2008-11-30 04:46 PM
  5. stlcaddie's Avatar
    The world is getting lazy. What if the baby is a ninja and gets up without detection and smashes your $400 baby monitor.
    2008-11-30 06:19 PM