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  1. hancor's Avatar
    guys whats the story 1st gen phone now upgraded to 2.2 is it possible to download apple apps and wont screw up your phone yet??

    As i need one of there apps TIDES
    2008-12-04 11:42 AM
  2. Simtech's Avatar
    huh? what are you talking about "download apple apps and wont screw up your phone yet" ???
    2008-12-04 01:05 PM
  3. JAG2621's Avatar
    Apple apps do not screw up the 1st gen or any iPhone! Are you trying to put pirated apps on the phone? That statement does not make sense. Could you elaborate on what you are talking about?
    If anything was usefull a thanks would be great!
    2008-12-04 01:16 PM
  4. bhz1's Avatar
    Apps work fine on a 2G phone running 2.2 firmware.
    2008-12-04 01:40 PM
  5. Broomhead's Avatar
    Thread moved... No warez Please
    2008-12-04 01:41 PM