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    I've spent a good bit of time testing apps and I've came up with the best solution for replacements for each stock app to give the phone the most functionality and diversity possible while still having stability and reliability.

    The apps seen below replacing the stock apps increase functionality ten fold and allow for many more options and a greater user experience.

    Scattered between the app store and cydia, these can be installed in seconds and you'll be loving your phone all over again. This list is compiled from all the apps available on the market to come up with the most solid solution. The qualifications were that these apps vastly succeeded the original apps without losing the ease of use or stability.

    Give it a shot.

    Below are the links to each item if you want to sit around on your butt and not have the coolest phone, but would rather read about everyone else's cool phone most all of these are in the app store except for Dtunes, MXtube, and irealsms. (podcaster seen is also not in the store, but not exactly in the conversation, though you should get it!)










    Attached Thumbnails Want the best of everything? Try this.-photo.jpg  
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    2008-12-09 01:32 AM
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    Nice list...

    /me gives it a shot.

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    2008-12-09 01:59 AM
  3. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
    No photos/maps/settings replacement?

    I'm a helpful jerk, fear me.
    2008-12-09 02:37 AM
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    already tried everything. Nothing is better than the original. Those integrate into the mobile phone so they work best as is.

    added URL's so you can see the screenies and videos of each one.
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  5. cpjr's Avatar
    Hmmm, have all but 1....knew there was a reason for that
    2008-12-09 07:31 AM
  6. .:MirrorminD:.'s Avatar
    Nice, although ive never found a reason to use desktop clock
    2008-12-09 02:50 PM
  7. m2c's Avatar
    amazing list, gonna go buy hicalc because i need i need.
    2008-12-09 11:39 PM
  8. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    Nice list!
    2008-12-09 11:51 PM
  9. one1's Avatar
    Thank ya's. I've really been enjoying it. Set up all my phones this way now.
    2008-12-13 11:45 AM
  10. jsharpe's Avatar
    Nice list. I use HiCalc and Snapture as well, but for my weather program I use MyWeather and instead of dTunes I use Mewseek. Bloomberg is a good overall app for news and info and the stock market, but if you're looking to track your portfolio using it, you're better off using PortfolioRT, which has REAL-TIME tracking...much better than 20 minutes delayed. Another good app to put on the list is WideEmail for landscape typing. Also BeejiveIM as the best IM program.
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    2008-12-14 08:56 PM
  11. Chase817's Avatar
    one1, you're a genius! Thanks!
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    2008-12-15 02:26 AM
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