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    I read that you can send an IM (to someone's cell phone number) that is received as a text message with no text charge on the sender's end.
    I've tried this with:
    AIM - can add a phone number as a buddy , but won't send the message.
    FRING - can't seem to add a buddy
    NIMBUZZ- can add a buddy as a phone number but won't send a message.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?


    OK I got this to work with AIM by putting a plus sign before the 1 before the area code...
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    2008-12-12 08:50 AM
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    Hahaha, I started reading your post and went "bet he didn't put a + sign" then saw your edit.

    But yeah, AIM has handled text messages for a couple of years now. Just add the number as a contact (+12223334444) then give it a nickname or something. I have a group just for mobile numbers for the sake of organization.

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    2008-12-12 07:19 PM
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    aim does this perfectly, thats the way i do it
    2008-12-12 07:56 PM
  4. jsharpe's Avatar
    I recommend downloading BeejiveIM if you want to send texts over a instant message client. You can view your contact lists right through here instead of having to memorize the number like you would on AIM. Landscape mode is also supported!
    2008-12-12 07:56 PM
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    Beejive will do it but it costs a hefty price (i bought it and love it but some people dont think its worth it) yahoo onceconnect and AIM are free apps that support this feature like everyone has said.
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    2008-12-12 11:12 PM