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    There have been a lot of trivia games in the App Store but this one is by far the best. With 5,500 questions, and more added all the time, you probably wont see a repeat very quickly. This is an amazing trivia game that will keep you entertained for a long time, and at $2, it's a steal!

    You start out the game by choosing one of three difficulty levels. Once you've chosen the level you want to play at, you are shown 20 icons representing different categories like Actors/Actresses, Directors or different genres of film. Only the top row is active at first and the rest you unlock as you answer questions correctly. Pick the category you want and you will have 3 types of question to choose from; although there are a lot more than 3 in the game, and you will have to answer a certain amount of questions right depending on the difficulty you've chosen. Answer them correctly to clear the category and move on. The more categories you clear the higher your score, however answer them wrong and you could face a game over. There are also many available power-ups that can either take away wrong answers, give you more time, or switch the type of question.

    All in all I would have to say I'm very impressed with this game and will be keeping it on my phone for a long time. And if you pick it up, you definitely wont be disappointed! Check out the vid below to see it in action

    NOTE: This video is in no way affiliated with me nor is the site mentioned
    [ame=]YouTube - Movie Challenge iPhone App Review -[/ame]
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