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  1. dyeguy's Avatar
    i just bought a app cardstar kinda like ireward card but it generates the barcode right on the phone. i need it to work for speedway rewards card but they dont have it in the data base and i dont know the correct with can any one help

    thanks in advance
    2009-01-20 02:05 AM
  2. bhz1's Avatar
    I have this app and what you can do is this:

    When you press teh + to add a card scrol to the category you want say grocery and press that. Scroll down and press "Other". Press "save". Now press on the field for "number" and enter the number on your card. Press "save". Now press "Title" and enter the name of your card. Press "save". Press "done". You will now be brought back to your list of cards. Click on the entry for the card you just entered and compare the barcode shown to the one on your card. If its not the same (it will have longer bars but we are talking the width of the bars and spaces in between as well as the overall width of the entire bar code.

    If the code generated does not match you can do this:

    press 'edit"

    If the overall width doesnt match, press "width" and after measuring the actual bar code on your card set the app to the same width.

    If the bars themselves dont match, press "symbology" and try entering the different choices and see if that helps. Ive have a few cards that needed to have the type set manually to Code 39 or Code 128. However, my Acme Markets card will not generate a matching barcode no matter what I do. Interestingly on another similar app iRewardCards, they even have a settting for Acme and my code is determined to be invalid, yet the card works at the store.

    Speaking of iRewardCards, that app has a feature where you can acquire a barcode from an image in your Photos. While trying to take a picture with the actual camera is fuzzy at the close range, You might be able to scan the barcode and import the picture to your iPhone.

    Hope this helps.
    2009-01-20 02:43 PM
  3. CardStar's Avatar
    bhz1 thanks for the great tutorial. You beat me to the punch!

    Also duyguy anytime there is a card you would like to add that is not in the CardStar database you can do the custom method as bhz1 described or you can also email an image of the barcode to the CardStar staff and we can determine if the barcode is compatible and add it into the database.

    Go to CardStar - your very own personal card manager to submit a card request.
    Just upload an image of the barcode on the back of your Speedway card. Once we have an image of the Speedway Rewards card barcode and its barcode numbers than we can verify the barcode and add it to the database.

    Happy Savings!
    2009-01-21 04:00 AM
  4. bhz1's Avatar
    So far this app worked great for CVS and Petsmart!

    remember you can tilt the iPhone sideways also for the scanner to get a better look. It didnt want to scan at Petsmart even though the entire code showed but I noticed that the scanner head was large and might have been confuced by the sides of the iPhone iself. I got the idea to twist it landscape and it worked.
    2009-01-21 07:36 PM
  5. CardStar's Avatar
    UPDATE: Scanning with new 1.1 version
    I represent CardStar and wanted to let you all know that CardStar has upgraded our barcode rendering method to improve the scanning success when using CardStar. CardStar now features SyncScan™, our new technology for rendering barcodes. This new technology allows for successful scanning with most merchants when using the handheld laser scanning guns.

    bhz1...You should have no problems now using CardStar to scan your rewards at Petsmart. As long as you have the most recent update (v1.1) then you should be good to go!
    2009-02-19 05:44 PM