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    FLIP is a puzzle game containing three game modes, two of which contain nearly 200 brain-busting puzzles. The other mode, standard mode, contains virtually unlimited play and replay value. All modes use the motion sensors of the iPhone as a main input method – you literally flip your iPhone to solve puzzles. Standard mode, a unique but more traditional game style, also uses the touch screen.

    To get a promo code, follow instructions below:

    We have waited patiently for someone to figure out the FLIP secret code and now one FLIP player, using our riddle (below), has discovered the hidden secret! His name is cyprianoman on YouTube and Digg and he has put up a video on Digg.

    We will send you a promo code if you do these simply things:

    1) Digg cyprianoman’s article on Digg: Digg - Drawing Contra Code on iPhone Touchscreen Reveals Secret

    2) Email us your Digg username to: [email protected]

    3) We will email you back the promo code for the full version FLIP – we will also keep on file for future promo codes.

    Riddle (currently 5 down on Google list):
    ebattalion - Google Search

    FLIP on iTunes:

    Thanks for being part of the eBattalion team!
    2009-01-29 03:48 AM

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