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    I finally get a big marked target and have 300 mob members and can finally afford enough guns and shields and i decide to buy 250 shottys 250 shield and 50 stretch limos, but when i fight i only use 160 shottys, 160 shields and 50 limes, why is that please help >_>
    2009-02-01 02:12 AM
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    add me please: 143 499 725
    Level 40
    add me please: 143 499 725
    2009-02-18 05:21 PM
  3. RonnyT24's Avatar
    Because imob sucks and has the most retarded fight mechanics ever... You can only use 10x your lvl of people / guns / cars in a fight or somethin like that. And then it still doesnt matter because people way lower lvl then you can beat you if they have enough crap to cover all of their people up to their lvl. Its the dumbest game ever. Stop playing it now. Get mafia live. hundred times better.
    Go Ahead. Hit the Thank button... it wont bite.

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    2009-02-18 06:49 PM
  4. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
    Ok, that's it. From now, I'm just going to start closing threads related to iMob and Mafia Live.

    There are STICKIED threads on top of this forum to discuss these apps.


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    2009-02-18 07:41 PM