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    As someone who has never used Delicious bookmarks, I was reluctant to look into this app, but I am very glad I did. For those who are unfamiliar with delicious.com, it is a ”social bookmarking” site. Register at the site and upload your bookmarks from your desktop.

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    They are then available from any computer and now the iPhone as well. One also has the ability to browse through the bookmarks of other users. I will note that you can set various privacy and permission levels, so if you can keep your links private if you so choose. Having been a user of personal computers since their inception, but a relative neophyte to social networking, I did not quite understand the idea of social bookmarking I generally have found it quicker and easier to Google for what I’m looking for. However as a recent convert to Facebook and its benefits other than pure social networking, I decided to learn more about delicious.com. One feature I found particularly attractive is because I use several different computers, delicious.com is a great way to sync my bookmarks between all of them. Why not my iPhone too?
    I was sold on the idea, so I bought and downloaded Tags from the AppStore. I discovered it very simple to use. Enter your delicious.com logon info and press “Sync”. You are given the option to set up an account right from the Tags app if you do not already have one.
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    In a minute, your bookmarks and tags are all available on your iPhone.
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    <o>Y</o>ou can then browse your bookmarks, both lower and upper portions of the screen scroll.
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    Select the link you want to navigate to and the app becomes a browser.
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    This is not a full featured browser in that you cannot enter a URL manually, but you can exit to Safari for “normal” browsing. However, you can scroll back and forwards through pages you have accessed via Tags, as well as, exiting back to the Bookmarks screen.
    Tags also allows access to the “Hot Now” links feature of delicious.com if that is your thing.

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    Having owned iPhones for the last 18 months or so, I have always synced bookmarks with iTunes, and that has worked well. However, with Tags, I can have all my bookmarks not only on my iPhone and the computer I normally sync with, but all my other systems as well.
    If you have a great number of bookmarks that you must absolutely have on your iPhone, especially if you are always adding and editing your bookmarks, the Tags is definitely worth getting.
    2009-02-08 11:15 PM