1. Naughty_Ottsel's Avatar

    iGuess For the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    "Ever been in the situation when you have a few minutes to kill but don't know how to kill that time?

    Well now you can kill those minutes in style with iGuess for the iPhone and iPod Touch with 2 different modes of play:

    TIME ATTACK: See how many numbers you can guess correctly in the time limit, the more numbers you guess correctly the more time you'll have.

    FREE PLAY: When you want a more relaxed and casual game guess the number in as fewer tries as possible.

    So stop twiddling your thumbs and kill those extra moments in style with iGuess, only for the iPhone and iPod Touch."

    Some screenshots:

    ^ Time Attack Mode

    ^ Free Play Mode

    Buy iGuess Now
    2009-02-20 10:39 PM
  2. JStraitiff's Avatar

    can you guess how many fingers i am holding up?
    2009-02-21 12:15 AM
  3. Naughty_Ottsel's Avatar
    Thanks, it's taken a while but it's now on the App Store

    Is it no fingers and two thumbs? :P
    2009-02-22 11:26 AM