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    The featured, innovative new Spanish language learning application 'Bueno, entonces...' is available on the Apple store at a special discounted rate of $1.99 for only 24 hours. Learn more about the application at our website:

    Or check out a promotional video on youtube [ame=""] youtube.[/ame]
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    2009-02-25 02:45 AM
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    looks kinda dumb based on the video
    2009-02-25 09:23 AM
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    looks kinda dumb based on the video
    TBH, I'm not a huge fan of this promo either, but there's a reason it's on the featured page. The app is solid and effective. The alternatives both off and on the Iphone (I don't know if you've actually seen Rosetta Stone/Pimsleur) are far 'dumber'. Either way, it is what it is. Featured, on sale, and worth mentioning.
    2009-02-25 04:57 PM
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    Hello again everyone, Bueno, Entonces. The is now the #1 educational application, and our real criticism has been our prices. So for one month, the entire application series is 60% off, allowing people to learn Spanish at a price that's only a small fraction of the price of the other popular methods.
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    The video is gone.

    Ive tried it, and its so-so (kinda agree with him121213). I only did the first class though, so Im not sure if it gets better.

    Now Im studying Spanish with "iCaramba Spanish Course" which suits me way better.

    I cant find any YouTube-promos but the website has some screenshots:
    2009-04-07 09:57 PM

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