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    In front of me, now, is my iPod Touch. On it, the Top Ten applications, paid and free, that I am about to recommend to you people!

    1. - Backgrounds [FREE] - Backgrounds is a great app in which to get free images and backgrounds for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It has a great user interface including multiple options to browse with as well as sorting options. This makes finding great backgrounds fast, easy and fun.

    2. - Arcade Hoops [$1.99] - Arcade Hoops is a fun and addictive game that challenges you to make as many shots as possible. It has two modes: Classic and Progressive. The only difference: the shooting length "progresses" during gameplay making it a fun and challenging way to see how amny shots you can make. PLUS you can share your scores online around the world and compete against millions of other online players to get to number in the rankings.

    3. - Pocket God [$1.99] - Pocket God is a great app that has come SUCH a long way. After a numerous amount of updates, it became one of the top selling apps in the entire store. In Pocket God, you are the "God" of an island filled with little villagers. You can torture them in any way imaginable or just play around! See what you can do with Pocket God in the app store.

    4. - Trace [FREE] - Not all the best apps cost money. Trace is an amazing strategy game that has a simple objective: get the little stick man to the other side of the screen. However, you must draw your way through this exciting adventure. With hundreds of levels, this game will keep you playing for a long time without getting bored a single bit.

    5. - Yo Mama - [FREE] - Yo Mama is one of my personal favorites because I'm not the best at making my own jokes. For those of you like me, you know that we all just steal other peoples jokes! Yo Mama is the best app for tons of hilarious Yo Mama jokes for you to use. Who's the funny guy now?

    Want more? Reply, email ([email protected]) or PM me with stuff you want me to review. Also reply with your opinion on how I did OR other Apps you want me to review and recommend.

    Thanks so much for viewing!
    2009-03-05 01:54 AM

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