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    Okay, no it wasn't on my iPhone and no, I'm not discussing where and/or how to get the cracked version of the app.

    On my friend's iPhone, which is a lot more "dark side" than mine ever was, he downloaded a cracked version of ExZeus, a flying robot shoot-em-up. He said it played fine at first, but then this happened.

    Every time he started the game, it played a little bit of music and then said something like "MMM-mmmm-MMM (in a mother-scolding-her-child-way), you don't understand. You pay or you die! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (in a very annoying maniacal way)

    and to top it off, the game stops seconds in, and a red skull and cross appears and you die in the game.

    FUNNY AS HECK **EDIT CPJR - Profanity PG13**!!!! He couldn't figure out what it was saying and when I heard it it was clear as a bell. He was pretty pissed, but I don't know if that was from me laughing or the game mocking him....

    Anyways, I liked it. :-)

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    LMAO....that was funny. Goes to show, you never know what your downloading on that side.
    2009-03-09 06:36 AM
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    I have the same is from edit broomhead :P Is realy maniacal voice :P
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    2009-03-20 10:39 AM