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    Game Information (review date: 3/22/2009)
    Title: Lock Puzzle
    Developer: iPlayful
    Price: FREE
    Site: iPlayful - Lock Puzzle


    This was a game request sent in by: haqu
    I checked out this game and it is a very simple puzzle/solve game, but that is where the simpleness of the game ends. The first time I turned it on I thought to myself, this game is way to easy. As I started playing it I found this to be false. I kept playing and playing moving knobs and trying to figure out how to work it, but just couldn't get past the first level. This game reminds me of a rubiks cube. You move one piece and 6 others move along with it. The way to beat the game is to turn all the knobs vertical. And it was something that I could'nt do. My patients wore thin and I quit.

    Overall, if you like these puzzle games like a rubiks cube and find REALLY challenging games fun. How can you beat this game? Its free! If your wondering , then why such a low overall rating? Well this is a FREE game which puts itself amongst many, many free games out there. With our limited space on our iPhones it then becomes a choice of which free game should I put on. I, like others LOVE free games and this is'nt a put down to the developers of free games, Im just putting this on a bell curve vs other free games. This game will appeal to some and will not to others, unfortunately I'am one of those others.

    Bottom line: If you like puzzle games and want a REAL challenge... get it!

    ps. if you beat this game, please reply and in how many moves!
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    from the looks of it im guesing its baased on a lights out game but using a knob instead. in which case it could be a fairly fun simply puzzle game for me.
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