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    Simple and nice application by the name Kitty will help you to spend free time funny or.. to train your kid to love living creatures, that is not the least of the factors in upbringing.

    The main goal is not to let the black cat to be bored. Kitty reacts to your touches, that's why you can do the following:

    - play with kitty's front legs, tail and ears, patting these places;
    - running your finger over the screen, Pet turns its' face following your finger;
    - Kitty will rumble, if you pat its' belly;
    - if you will shake device, cat spits;
    - if cat sits without any motions and commands about 10 seconds, it will turn face from one side to another and mewing plaintively.

    Well, how to learn what cats like the most? Play nice Kitty app!
    2009-03-27 10:00 AM
  2. StealthBravo's Avatar
    2009-03-29 01:48 AM