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    Hi all,

    apologies but i couldnt find anything by searching so here goes.

    My appstore has decided that it is infact american and not english lol. I am searching for a specific app (only really applicable in england not the states) but it doesnt appear. My friend sitting next to me finds it straight away.

    Then i noticed that all the prices listed in my appstore are in $ and not . So i presume my phone things its in america or something??

    Does anybody know how to fix this? I have connected the phone to itunes, with itunes signed in as myself and still no joy.


    Also, when i try to download something it tells me that my account is only valid for purchases in the UK itunes store.

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    2009-04-14 05:49 PM
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    settings/general/international/region format/
    2009-04-14 08:23 PM
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    ur trying to access the US store with a UK account

    go to the bottom of the Store and select UK from the list then resync.
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    2009-04-15 12:26 AM