1. soto806's Avatar
    just to inform you:
    a New app of the upcoming action movie has been released.

    iTunes Link: iTunes Store

    Cost $9.99

    -Play As John Conner and Marcus Wright, each having their own strengths and abilities.
    -6 weapons from shotgun to surge cannon and grenade launcher!
    & more!

    Now go! go buy it!
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    2009-05-08 01:45 AM
  2. lordx's Avatar
    do i really need to have 2.2.1 softaware to play this game ?..i spoofed the firmere using ChageFirmare to show 2.2.1 in order to play assasinscredd.and it worked.so i think that it isn't absolutly neccesary to have 2.2.1. it works on 2.2 as well. only need to "trik" the phone to think that it has 2.2.1 ..am i right ?????
    2009-05-08 02:41 AM