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    For over a year................


    I begged and pleaded for Bento to make it to the iPhone and revolutionize the data storage on the iphone. Not only did I get my wish, Filemaker (Bento creators) released Bento 2.0V4 with the iPhone app which wirelessly syncs over WIFI to your Mac!

    Simply open the app on your iphone and mac then hit sync on the iphone and you get your entire Bento databases on your iphone! Bento is for everything, and iPhone users have just been handed the one app that will singlehandedly organize your entire life with or without the mac version. (but OH is it handy to just click and sync).

    The app is $4.99 in the app store and even if you don't have a Mac running Bento you can still use the app just the same. There will never be any personal database manager released for the iPhone like Bento. Spend the money, buy it NOW. Appstore link..... http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/M...314638461&mt=8

    Attached Thumbnails Bento for the iPhone! (it's all that and a bowl of grits)-photo-1.jpg   Bento for the iPhone! (it's all that and a bowl of grits)-photo.jpg  
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    Much awesomeness.
    2009-05-13 09:47 PM
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    Much awesomeness.
    Fo' shizzle.

    Come and get it folks. This is the one app ya need.
    2009-06-12 05:04 PM