1. buzios's Avatar
    It is taking forever for Apple to approve app updates.

    When I sent my first app to Apple last year, it got approved in 3 days.
    Since February, approval time has been around 7 days.

    Currently I have 4 updates waiting for approval for more than 15 days.

    Yesterday I sent 5 new updates to Apple fixing firmware 3.0 related issues.

    Currently I have 9 or my 10 apps (www.ttrix.com) waiting for approval and today I will submit the last one also fixing 3.0 issues.

    There are 50,000 + apps in the appstore.

    Since Apple told developers that apps not compatible with fw 3.0 would eventually be removed from the appstore, most developers like me are updating their apps.

    Being conservative, lets assume that 20% of the apps have been updated.
    That means 10,000 apps in the approval queue.

    When will Apple process the queue??????
    2009-06-11 02:48 PM
  2. xxfr0stbytexx's Avatar
    u have to remember its apple they dnt rly care bout us, but like u said somewhere around 10k apps r in queue for updates n they to go one by one to make sure "its meets requirements" so they can accept them
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    2009-06-11 11:51 PM
  3. wePhone's Avatar
    More apps now. Apple isn't doing anything. I really really wish people would think more before posting.
    2009-06-11 11:54 PM