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    Net Control has the following functions:

    1 - Control Intel PCs with Vpro (IAMT) support. You can power on/off, reboot and obtain asset information even with the machine powerd off.

    2 - Wake PCs or Macs via WOL (wake on lan)

    3 - Control Advantech ADAM 606x modules. ADAM 606x modules are I/O devices connected to an ethernet network (there is a WiFi version). They have 6 input ports and 6 relays outputs. NetControl allows you to turn on/off the relays and monitor the state of the input ports. It can be used to open/close garage doors, house lights ....

    Works fine with firmware 3.0

    More information: Net Control
    AppStore link: Net Control

    ADAM control screen shot:
    2009-06-25 04:24 PM