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    So on my weekly trawl through the App Store for some new and exciting apps with mind blowing features, I came across 'App Shopper: Whiteboard Lite: Collaborative Drawing (Productivity)', which hasn't been updated since it's introduction back in January, but still claims to support the new bluetooth gaming APIs, introduced in 3.0

    The description instructs users to;

    NEW FOR iPHONE OS 3.0: Bluetooth Peer-to-Peer Networking
    This works on the iPod touch 2nd gen, iPhone 3G, and the iPhone 3G S.

    For best results, follow these steps if you want to connect using Bluetooth (no access point required!):

    * Note: You should follow this procedure on both devices you want to connect. *

    1. Launch the Settings app.
    2. Tap Wi-Fi, and turn Wi-Fi OFF. (We’ll use Bluetooth instead. On some devices, Wi-Fi can conflict with Bluetooth.)
    3. Go back one screen to Settings, and tap General.
    4. Tap Bluetooth, and turn Bluetooth ON.
    5. Press the Home button to quit Settings, and launch your app.
    6. Wait until BOTH devices see each other in their own list.
    7. On ONE of the devices, tap the name of the other device.
    8. Wait up to 30-60 seconds. The first resolve takes the longest; if you disconnect and reconnect after this, it should be much faster. This is a hardware/OS limitation.

    That’s it! Enjoy playing together over Bluetooth peer-to-peer.
    And if it works for this app that hasn't been updated since January, does it work with other applications that support gaming over WiFi? Does the iPhone / iPod touch now automagically broadcast the necessary bits over bluetooth whenever it's enabled and you're in an app that does multiplayer?

    I'd love to test this, but I've only got an iPhone 3G and a first generation iPod touch at my disposal (iPod touch lacks bluetooth, as I'm sure you all know) - can anyone else try this out for me?

    Not only in the whiteboard app, but if anyone else has any games that can be played over WiFi - does bluetooth work here even if the app doesn't specifically state that it does?

    Cheers guys.
    2009-06-30 02:13 PM