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    I was looking at the leaderboard and noticed a guy with $12+ billion income yet he had only been playing for two weeks! I knew right then and there that there was NO WAY he could have done that in so short of time, so I researched. I just found this video on youtube.

    [ame=]YouTube - iMafia for iPhone. Playmesh Points. Tips & Tricks *UPDATED*[/ame]

    I was skepticle at first, until I tried it out and found 7k+ Playmesh points my game. It's actually surprisingly easy to do. Just type in your UDID and hit "Skrew Ju". This is how everyone is so rich! I tell you, this has just completely ruined the game for me! I'm never playing any Playmesh games again and you guys shouldn't either becuase it's impossible to get to the top without cheating!

    And to think of all the people who actually got their PM points fairly - by buying them - it was all a waste!
    2009-07-01 10:04 PM
  2. JJMA's Avatar
    there is a screwju program that still does work.
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    2009-11-13 09:13 PM