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    Hi all. If anyone here is running or interested in running banner and text ads in their apps (or mobile web sites), we've just launched a new developer-friendly ad network. For iPhoneOS apps, there are no 3rd party libraries required, just cut and paste the sample code and hook it up yourself.

    I head up the ad platform development but I also dabble in iPhone programming (Locatable app in Cydia and a few other things) so I'd be happy to hear your honest feedback on the service / APIs.

    We offer:
    - Most comprehensive targeting options in the market
    - Real time reporting and analytics
    - Control over what ads are displayed
    - Ability to define multiple ad slots per site or app
    - Get relevant ads displayed using tags

    You can check out an independent review of our service by a top analyst and blogger in the mobile advertising space below.
    Victor Malachard Wes Biggs Adfonic | GoMo News

    Hope to see you soon at http://adfonic.com/ or feel free to PM me / email to wes.biggs at adfonic.com if you have questions.


    2009-07-06 04:28 PM