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    Ok, this is review of one of the most popular games in russian appstore - Sea Battle Classic.

    Short summary:
    I like this game, and i know its also on high position in russian app store. So many people like it as me.
    But i see some troubles, and hope that developers will fix its in future versions.

    I buy it and like it.
    4 from 5

    iTunes connect link ($0.99)

    I can`t say nothing about playing vs AI, because i try this two time and both win, so my first impression that its a little stupid.

    Most of time i played in it with my friends via wi-fi.
    And i need to say that its work nice, i see some rare bugs, but its looks like strange feature - not a bug. For example sometimes in a start a game big ships brokes in a pieces so you receive many small ships Its looks strange from enemy side

    I think that design the best part of this game. Its look just a board & paper game like i love
    Game process is pretty active, щne round lasts for 3-5 minutes, and its cool in companies.

    We made a quick championships, 15-20 minutes of fun.

    I don`t like sounds in much games so usual i playing in a silence mode, but my friends talk that pretty nice.

    Developers also talk about that global multiplayer is almost ready, and it will be in a free update, so i hope i`ll see you in a fields of war

    i take images from a developer site
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