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    “The Beauty of Taiwan - Travel Guide” application introduction:

    Application name: The Beauty of Taiwan - Travel Guide
    Price (On Sale): $0.99 US

    Have you ever been to Taiwan, a beautiful tropical island?
    Do you have the idea where the island locate?
    Do you how to explore the breathe taking scene and characteristic culture?
    It is a small place with fascination and wait for your visit.
    Let’s take a look of Taiwan!

    Features :
    1. Amazing scene gallery to explore the beauty of Taiwan.
    2. A brief description of characteristic culture.
    3. Useful daily conversation phrase are included.

    Download link: iTunes Store
    Video link: [ame=]YouTube - The Beauty of Taiwan[/ame]

    Home page: The Beauty of Taiwan | Facebook
    2009-07-08 07:07 AM