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    Hey guys im not sure if this is supposed to be in this section. So, if any mod or admin or w/e could move it to the appropriate place, that would be appreciated

    Ok, first thing's first...


    The reason for v.1.1.1 is because in v. 1.1.2 there are different codes that the makers of imob put in. So v1.1.1 will only work until someone else finds out how to hack v1.1.2.

    I know how to get v1.1.1 if you already have 1.1.2. But I don't know if im aloud to talk about the process on here

    Ok now on with the tutorial

    1. You need 2 programs....
    a.plist editor: http://www.ipodrobot.com/plistset.exe
    b.winscp: Download WinSCP from SourceForge.net

    2. Once you have them, on your iDevice make sure you have SSH on. If you do not know how to turn on SSH on your iDevice, Just download SBSettings and toggle it on from there.

    3. Once you have SSH on on your iDevice, open up Winscp.

    This is what it should look like:

    4. Next, what you wanna do is go to your iDevice settings and go to wifi. Next to your available connections there is a blue arrow. Press it and look write down your IP address. You will need this for the next part.

    5. In Winscp, you will see a text field that says "Host Name" Above it. Write in your IP address in there.

    6. Below the "Host Name" field, you will see another text field with "User Name" Above it. Type in "root" without the quotes.

    7. In the password field type in "alpine" without the quotes.

    8. Click login.

    9. If you did everything correctly, you should come up with a screen with a bunch of files in it.

    10. In the right box of files should be 2 folders. right above them should be a drop down box that says "root" Press the arrow and select "/ <root>" With out the quotes.

    11. You should see even more files. What we need to do is find the folder with the iMob files in it.

    12. Once you do step #10, click Private->var->mobile->applications.

    13. Once you find the applications folder, you should see alot of folders with random numbers. What you need to do is look in everyone of them and find iMob.app or iMob(Whatever number).app if you bought a respect point iMob.

    14. When you finally located you iMob folder, click iMob.app

    15. What you want to find is class.plist, items.plist, jobs.plist, leveling.plist, and properties.plist and copy them to your desktop.

    16. This is where the plist editor comes it for an example of what we can do is edit items.plist.


    1. Open your plist editor.

    2. Find items.plist

    What we are going to do is edit the damage and defence of the lead pipe

    3.Once you have items.plist open, you will see a whole bunch of text and what not. What we want to find are: (Look in picture)
    Yfrog - atkndef

    4. what you wanna do now is edit those 2 values to anything you want. DO NOT GO TOO HIGH! THE REASON BEING IS SOMETIMES IT WILL BE NEGATIVE DMG AND DEF AND MAKE YOU WEAKER!!!!!

    5. All you need to do now is just copy them back from your desktop to your imob files and then check your imob and then BOOM you have the most powerful weapon ever

    You can also create your own properties and jobs and items but i will make another tutorial on that

    Please bare with me if I made any errors or anything, this is my first tutorial

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    Its a lengthy process. And since I have a jailbroke iPhone I will give it a try. Thanks a lot for the intel.
    no signature links....thanks
    2009-07-11 01:01 PM
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    Its a lengthy process. And since I have a jailbroke iPhone I will give it a try. Thanks a lot for the intel.
    No problem once you know how to do it with out a tutorial or anything, you can do it in less then 5 minutes
    2009-07-11 05:48 PM
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    did it work?
    2009-07-15 04:18 PM