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    We are the Developers of "Zombie School".
    We are introducing our new iphone game: Zombie School :>

    Guys, This is totally insane! How can a normal person play this kind of crazy game? Could someone tell me please?

    My friend just download this iphone game called "Zombie School", in which you are killing your zombie friends, classmates and even the principal! I think the creators of this game are out of their minds! This is like promoting school shooting!

    I am also shocked by the fact that my friends love this game. They really enjoy killing their classmates or teachers using bow, machine gun and grenades. They just bomb the Cheerleader into several pieces!!!

    I ask them, "Isn't it bad to kill your friends?". "Yes" they reply, "But it's addictive:>"

    Oh my god, People are out of their mind these days.
    We never expect that people will love "Zombie School".


    Borat just reviews our iphone application on YOUTUBE!!!!
    Can you believe it?
    We are so excited now!!

    Check the [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrOVKTVLeW0"]Borat Application Review On Youtube Video[/ame] Now!!!

    This video is created by one of our friends. He's tried his best!
    Hope you guys enjoy it
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    i always wondered what it would feel like to read posts while high, and now i know thanks to this post, plus i didnt have to spend the $$$ on weed. thanks zombie school creator guy!
    2009-07-15 12:50 AM