1. GatorKnight904's Avatar
    ESPN demoed an app on the hour long video on apple.com that previewed iphone 3.0 os....Does anyone know what happened to this? This app had push notifications on scores and linked directly to highlights being played on the iphone.
    2009-07-17 09:53 PM
  2. steaky's Avatar
    Is this not the ESPN score centre app? I have it but there has not been an update to it yet. They must be testing the new one still I guess.
    2009-07-17 11:27 PM
  3. compton,Tx's Avatar
    The Four letter network has been busy with a joint venture with Fox sports in determining the best angles for cameras to be placed for PBO's first pitch. Sorry for the inconvenience they will now get back to work on their app. This network has turned into a joke even the sports center app, It only offers 5 sports anyway.
    2009-07-18 12:14 AM
  4. StealthBravo's Avatar
    I want my ESPN with push!
    2009-07-18 12:16 AM
  5. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    ^ wow that would be a really cool thing. Get to it Stealth..............O_o
    2009-07-18 12:44 AM
  6. ajl917's Avatar
    For now, SportsTap is the best app. It is pretty smooth, and it has push for MLB and CFL for now, they plan to add more sports as their seasons start...
    2009-07-19 02:59 PM
  7. steaky's Avatar
    I use Sportstap also as my primary app. Lean and gets the job done wiht the most info with the fewest presses and loading screens.
    2009-07-21 12:57 AM