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    Hey guys I have a iphone 3gs with fw 3.0, the phone is jailbroken and unlocked. For some reason which I cant figure out whenever i receive a phone call from a person that i have in my contacts their name does not appear but just their number. I do have all the numbers set with the area code and i have tried everything including setting the contact number without the area code, including the number both with the area code and without but nothing seems to make it work...

    Any suggestion on how to solve this problem?
    2009-07-21 01:54 PM
  2. Simtech's Avatar
    It's one of your themes. I think on mine it was "Clear Lockscreen" or tap to unlock. Something to do with the lockscreen.
    2009-07-21 02:03 PM
  3. Merc86's Avatar
    But I dont even have winterboard installed... could it be that ultrasn0w made some changes since the providers name does not appear in the top left corner but rather a series of numbers?
    2009-07-21 02:10 PM
  4. Simtech's Avatar
    hmm.. I don't know about that, I'm not unlocked. The theme was the issue on my phone.
    2009-07-21 02:15 PM
  5. Merc86's Avatar
    I guess ill try and download winterboard to see if there were any background changes made. Thanks a lot anyways

    Solved the problem by downloading callerid from cydia
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    2009-07-21 08:42 PM
  6. Simtech's Avatar
    Nice... good deal.
    2009-07-21 09:15 PM