1. Maxwell's Avatar
    Hi guys, wish to present a game for ur attention and I have some promo codes for its' free downloading. Well, the game is Bouncer

    Developers' description: Difficult life has Bouncer. He has no time to stop and take a rest. For all his life running, Bouncer tries get to cuty Glutton to make friends with him. There are endless obstacles of Spike and Stinker that prevent Bouncer all time. That's why the hero should to bounce, watch out and get round his foes. Nevertheless Bouncer can't escape his fate!

    Easy rules. You have to help Bouncer to get to Glutton, escaping obstacles of Spike and mines of Stinker. Do not to get round little blue Kids, collect them!

    Easy control. Draw a path of Bouncer's movement by your finger. In case of need the hero bounces, tilt a device sharply.

    Get your tactile and coordination knowledges involved in Bouncer's rescue!

    And, finally Bouncer's promo codes for first two folks, who see them. 9TREPMLYER7Y and 9FLNL9J9HLM7

    Share your impressions, thoughts, critics.....
    2009-07-22 10:16 AM
  2. apacheo's Avatar
    I snarfed the first promo code, and downloaded Bouncer on my way to work this morning.

    Initially I couldn't work it out - but that was because I didn't actually read the help screen first (duh). Once you figure out how to make bouncer move, the game is easy to pick up and play whenever you've got some time to kill. The physics work well, and the simplicity of the gameplay is deceptive - its actually quite addictive :-)

    I spent my half hour train trip playing the game this morning, and had another go while waiting for my coffee. Unlike, say, Rolando, where you really need to put some time and effort in, this game is quick to pick up and play, and some levels are very challenging.

    The only addition I'd make, to challenge users a little more, would be to allow rotation of the iPhone/iPod to affect Bouncer when falling/jumping - i.e. you can make him jump up and to the left or right.

    That aside, the game is cool.
    2009-07-23 01:37 AM