1. biopyro13's Avatar
    according to engadget Navigon for north america is supposed to be available today buti am still waiting for tomtom
    Navigon brings MobileNavigator to iPhone's App Store, we go hands-on
    they are also releasing it with a special price of $69.99 instead of the usual $99.99
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    2009-07-22 11:25 PM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    Yeah its in the appstore now.
    2009-07-23 12:44 AM
  3. kwickone's Avatar
    Anybody have any news on TomTom for iPhone dates? I must say the Navigon app looks nice, but I am a long time TomTom user.

    I would love to know WHEN and HOW MUCH for TomTom. If it is too much $$$ or too long to wait, I will get Navigon.

    2009-07-23 07:30 PM
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