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    since i got iphone from UK,it was 2.2.1,then i installed 3.0 n then unlocked.....
    anyhow,it was all working fine...but with a strange problem...i was installing softwares from cydia (games,themes and such stuff) n then i searched appstore...found some free apps,installed,worked fine.
    BUT 3-4days ago i installed 2 softwares from social networking zone in app store... one was loopt and other was nimbuzz and after that my phone battery didnt charge,phone died...i faced a huge problem...which i discussed before..


    then when i resolved this issue,i thought may b it was temporary prb..i installed ONLY nimbuzz messenger (not loopt) n again it was same,battery not charging,iphone showing battery is full (on 37%) i uninstalled nimbuzz and it solved prb,now its charging..


    apart from this...

    OS 3.0 has vvery LOW APPARETN BATTERY time...i have 16gb iphone,i have all music collection in it, but my ipod nano chrome same usage (4hrs daily)gives me 2days battery time on full battery but same on iphone,just max half day...

    plzzz help
    2009-07-23 08:20 AM
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    Here is a Link that may help you.

    How to save iPhone battery life
    2009-07-23 08:55 AM
  3. iphoneuser2008's Avatar
    2009-07-24 10:40 AM