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    Hey everyone,

    I'm proud to announce that Headcase Games has just released iFist for iPhone and iPod Touch to the App Store. This is our first app on the store and our first game using the Cocos2d framework.

    iFist is a rhythm and memory survival challenge game that takes its inspiration from Rock Paper Scissors and the electronic game Simon. The rules of the game are simple. Memorize the sequence of RPS throws and then recall the opposing gestures before time runs out. You're scored on accuracy and speed, and each round gets progressively more difficult as the game goes on.

    iFist 1.0 features:

    • Fun and engaging pick up and play gameplay,
    • Sequence, Challenge, and Expert game modes,
    • Local and global high score rankings,
    • Colorful graphics and lively sound effects.


    [ame=]YouTube - iFist game for iPhone - by HeadcaseGames[/ame]

    iFist for iPhone

    iTunes (Affiliate Link):
    iTunes Store

    If you're a fan of games that test your concentration and reaction time, I think you'll really enjoy playing iFist.

    Thanks for your support!


    P.S. Please let us know how you like it by reviewing the game or by posting a comment below.

    Headcase Games is Ben and Ron - expats from the console game industry and developers on the Tony Hawk series, Alpha Protocol, Neverwinter Nights 2, Knights of the Old Republic 2, Heroes of Might and Magic IV, and Caesar III.
    2009-08-04 09:00 AM