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    We are still finishing the game and cannot wait to show it to you!

    So far we would like to show you some music our sound arist produced for Somersault!

    Somersault will be released in February 2010 - Stay tuned!

    2010-01-21 03:06 PM
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    We were excited about the release of the new iPad and that it will be compatible with iPhone apps. But we were wondering how especially 2D games will look on a bigger screen… Somersault should work fine as the whole game is 3D but we are not sure if the processor of the iPad is strong enough to let the games run smoothly on a higher solution.

    What do you think or did you hear anything about that?
    2010-02-01 05:06 PM
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    Hi everyone,

    here's the news you've all been waiting for:
    SOMERSAULT is as good as done and will be released within the next few weeks!!!

    Once again, we want to thank everyone of you for your constructive and helpful feedback!

    Some of you said that they actually had a hard time remembering the name and spelling of the game, and so we've been busting our heads to come up with some alternatives.

    Here they are:



    What is your opinion on these names??

    ...plus here's some new screenshots too - we will be posting a new video soonish!!

    if you like what you see, you will love what you'll play!!!

    thank you all once again,
    greetings from Berlin!

    The Enter-Brain-Ment Team
    2010-05-21 10:53 AM
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    hello everyone,

    based on several feedbacks, we have decided to stick with the name


    thank you all very much for your opinions and thoughts!
    as a special thank you here you can have a look at the newest video of "SOMERSAULT":

    mahalo, cheers & dankeschön!

    The Enter-Brain-Ment Team
    2010-06-02 04:05 PM
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    Hello friends,

    so here's the latest news:
    some of our favourite icons - place your bets on whitch one it will be :

    if everything goes well you will have the solution within the next two weeks -

    have a nice weekend,
    The Enter-Brain-Ment Team
    2010-07-01 06:31 PM
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    ^ 6
    The Next Generation of Phreaks.
    2010-07-01 06:46 PM
  7. Enter-Brain-Ment's Avatar
    hello everyone.
    we now can proudly now inform you that we have submitted SOMERSAULT to apple - release date should be any day now!!!
    the new official trailer is coming soon too as well as wallpapers and all the cool stuff were working on right now...

    stay tuned!
    we hope you all have a great weekend!!!
    see you soon,
    the Enter-Brain-Ment team
    2010-07-24 03:32 PM
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