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    What's New in Version 1.9.7
    * Item details screen enhanced
    * Import-Export usability improved
    2011-05-13 01:52 PM
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    uPackingList update! What’s new?
    -Adding item feature has been improved
    -Categories’ sorting has been improved in the letter for sending
    -Added the following headers: general, design, import / export

    Only in full version:
    -Added categories to purchase list
    -Possibility to exchange lists between applications by email has been added
    -Possibility to send purchase list to email has been added
    2011-09-15 08:31 AM
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    uPackingList update!

    What's New in Version 1.10.1 (1.8.4 free)
    - Automatic sorting after adding the items/ categories
    - Ability to delete items from the Pack screen
    - Ability to choose icons (photo) for the categories from the camera album (only in paid version)
    - Winter themes added (only in paid version)

    2012-01-30 01:51 PM
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    Our app is 4 years now!

    That's why we decided to give some presents to those who always wanted to have a full version of uPackingList on their devices: 10 promocodes giveaway!

    All you need is to share this link Happy 4th Birthday, uPackingList Travel List App | NIX Solutions in your twitter with #uPackingList hashtag or retweet
    2013-07-19 02:08 PM
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