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    For these who haven't used QuickMark, QucikMark reads QRCodes using the iPhones Camera:

    QuickMark ????

    The paid for pro version on the apple store lets you simply point the camera at a QRCode and it AUTOMATICALLY detects the code. This means that QuickMark is accessing a video feed. I should point out this works on a normal 3G Iphone (I.e works on 3G and 3GS).

    I was under the impression that Apple did not let you access such areas of the camera. Essentially, I'm into Augmented Reality and the deal was that Apple would not let you use the camera in the way that QuickMark seem to be doing.

    So I'm wondering how they did this AND still have it pass onto the Apple Store?
    2009-09-23 01:42 PM