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    Imagine it. Draw it. Watch it come to life!


    Physify is a 2D physics sandbox for the iPhone that takes your drawings and makes them react to the laws of physics. Draw boxes, circles, polygons and combine them to form a car, ragdoll, or anything you can think of! Physify allows you to save entire scenes, or individual objects, such as ragdolls, cars, etc. and reload them any time you want.


    - Realistic 2D physics
    - 13 different tools to use to create or modify the scene
    - 4 types of joints to constrain objects together in a variety of ways
    - Save and load progress
    - Adjust physical properties of each tool
    - Help and information pages for each tool
    - Choice of accelerometer or defined gravity
    - Duplicate, erase, or manipulate groups of objects
    - Pre-made creations included
    - Progress saved automatically

    The only limit is your imagination. You have an infinite world to create an endless amount of contraptions and objects!

    If you enjoy Phun, iPhysics, Toy Box, Touch Physics, or Crayon Physics, then Physify is the game for you!
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcj8ylJ5Qqc]Physify Promotional Video[/ame]

    2009-09-23 07:19 PM