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    Hi all,

    We want to offer our new application for iPhone - Charmante Katharine.

    Short description:

    "Сharmante Katharine" is just what You need to become a composer!

    "Charmante Katharine" - is a simple music editor, which helps to create easily and play over the tunes, which are not complicated and consist of chords of notes.

    You have got 24 notes (2 octaves, each consists of 12 notes) and a rotating barrel. Everything is very easy - place the notes on the barrel and rotate it with a finger.

    Compose tunes and rotate the barrel to play them over and feel like a real composer!

    App Store link: iTunes Store

    We hope that the application will be interesting to you.

    Best regards,
    OZGames team
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    2009-10-01 04:36 PM
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    A free lite version appeared in the appstore: iTunes Store

    and short videoclip:

    [ame=]YouTube - Charmante Katharine - simple musical time-killer[/ame]

    Best regards,
    OZGames team
    2009-10-20 10:36 AM