1. silent1643's Avatar
    right now using manifesto RSS reader - and for the most part it works good - & syncs with Google reader but i still have to manually update it and there are really no settings for the app

    can any one suggest an RSS reader that will sync with google reader - and that uses push?
    2009-10-09 04:04 PM
  2. SubCool's Avatar
    Don't you love when people respond?
    This is there way of saying the answer is on here- u just have to look harder.
    And they are too lazy to point. I do this often - I suck at google'ing things. It's that whole word placement stuff. Try doing a search for body, and the only result is for contortionist. (sp) mean while you want body of a paragraph.
    I've learned to just colmb through the pages.

    Goodluck- I'm searching for it too-
    2009-11-24 10:05 PM