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    Hi all,

    So, I just upgraded to the 3.1.2 and when I was done with the process, the icon from my Public radio app from the App store did not show up. I went into SBSettings and I could put in on the dock.

    Moreover, when I'm in iTunes, the box for the App is checked and I can drag it to my iphone, but then when I sync it disappears.

    I have removed the app and reinstalled it also.


    2009-10-20 01:00 AM
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    Can u search for it on the search page. It also may be hidden with sbsettings(click on the the "more" icon) also, try unchecking it in sync(deleting it) then reinstalling it directly from the app store and it will appear while it is installing at least. If it dissappear afterwards, though it is hidden by an app(most likely sbsettings)

    Edit; the app store on your phone not the computer
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    2009-10-20 02:03 AM
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    I tried to unistall it from itunes and then reinstalling it from the app store on the iphone, but the icon shows up when downloading and then disappears, I've looked though SBSettings and categories and neither seems to be hiding it, but somethng must be. Very odd

    ETA - this is what I did, it showed up when I tried to place it in a category, so I did that. Then it showed up in the category. Then, I deleted it from the category and it's back on the regular screen.
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    2009-10-20 02:37 AM
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    is it jailbroken?
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    2009-10-20 04:10 AM
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    Something quite similar happened to me also. After resetting my iPhone and restoring from backup my icons were not showing up after installing them. And the solution was to go to Settings/general/restrictions enable then disable/reboot.
    I hope it can help you.
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    2009-10-25 11:52 AM
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    Does that unhide all icons?
    2009-10-25 09:20 PM