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    I enjoy making music, and I came across IK Multimedia Groovemaker app. I think these apps are awesome for making easy, good sounding music.

    Let me know what you think…..

    The GrooveMaker Apps are a new way of creating great music on the go. Intermediate users of electronic music creation will find this app on top of their best music creation apps for the iPhone.

    GrooveMaker FREE [Free - iTunes link]
    GrooveMaker Club [$4.99 - iTunes link]
    GrooveMaker House [$9.99 - iTunes link]
    GrooveMaker Hip-Hop [$9.99 - iTunes link]
    GrooveMaker Techno [$9.99 – iTunes link]
    GrooveMaker Trance [$9.99 – iTunes link]

    Music Creation:
    In each version of Groove Maker there are a set of loops that compliment the style that the Groove Maker is modeled after. So for instance, if you are into House you would download the Groove Maker House. If your into Hip-Hop then you would download Groove Maker Hip-Hop and so on for 8 different Groove Makers. Now you can easily get lost in this app for hours whether or not you have musical experience. I am not kidding when I say it is the easiest groove making software I have seen. I let my friend who has ZERO experience with making music or recording, much less on a iPod and withing minutes she had her own personal groove going on that she created from scratch. It is very easy to get going and get started making professional sounding tracks.

    Performing Live:
    Live performances are possible however depending on how you are soloing & muting buttons, it can easily get confusing to which pad is actually playing. However, you can select multiple pads and press the solo/mute buttons. The main issue here is you have to “hold” down one pad while tapping on other pads to select multiple pads at once.

    I found this app nice and easy to use. I’d recommend this to anyone interested in creating music in his or her spare time.

    You can check out more info on these apps @ Groovemaker Apps
    2009-10-26 06:45 PM
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    its really a nice one !!!
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    2009-10-27 01:03 PM