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    Space Shooter is a classic, fun and addictive, space shooting game, available FREE on the App Store. Including Geocade Online High Scores!

    Click here to get it FREE now

    The concept is simple, dodge the approaching bullets and shoot the approaching enemies.

    There are 15 levels to play which will not be completed too easily! And the further you get the more exciting the game becomes! Space Shooter also contains Geocade online high scores so users can compare their scores around the world!

    This update introduces 3 NEW unlockable shooters. These can be faster and/or more powerful than your previous shooter. They can be unlocked on certain levels, see if you can get them all!

    App Store Description:
    Shoot the spaceships and dodge the bullets that approach.
    How long can YOU last?

    Space Shooter is similar to any classic space shooting game like Space Invaders, but also FUN and ADDICTIVE!
    And completely FREE, including Geocade Online High Scores!

    Control the shooter, and defend yourself from approaching spaceships, don't let anyone past you! In 15 interesting levels (3 boss levels)... see how you go!

    Each level introduces something different and it gets more exciting towards the end!

    Other information:

    Device Requirements:
    * iPhone or iPod Touch 2.1 or later

    Pricing and Availability:
    Space Shooter 1.1.1 is FREE and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Check out Space Shooter on the Apple App Store!

    Click here to get it FREE now
    2009-11-29 06:33 AM

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