1. doc2142's Avatar
    Hi, I recently got iphone 2G unlocked it and jailbroken it. Well I am with T-Mobile, And decided to get internet that is 10 dollar from T-mobile because i wanted to use its GPS. Well i just found out that the 2G can't do turn by turn because well i guess it can't.

    So, Is there a turn by turn app that will work with me with out any add ons?
    If there is an add on where can i get it and how much is it?
    last but not least if all didn't work I might give this to my wife and get me a 3G, will my t-mobile internet work with the 3G phone? because i heard some where that the T-Mobile $10 internet wont work with the 3G.

    Thanks a lot guys.
    2009-12-14 02:27 AM
  2. mrwalleyeman's Avatar
    the 2g doesnt have gps
    2009-12-16 11:35 PM
  3. udance4ever's Avatar
    excuse my dusting off this thread - after playing around w MotionX GPS Drive HD on my iPad - i wanted to see if i could get their app working on my iPhone 2G for kicks (a 0.99 experiment is not going to kill the bank)

    so i notice the app can use the network location but want to wait to get a GPS signal before it starts navigating.

    If there is an add on where can i get it and how much is it?
    I poked around on Cydia a bit, installed xGPS but what i was hoping to find is a mod that "fakes" GPS using the network location ongoingly.

    i get it must be possible cuz the Maps application seems to update its location when I'm on the road on my 2G.

    any other ideas to get this working? wanna squeeze everything we can getta outta this 2G - been really impressed what 1st gen iPhone can do thx 2 the whole community!
    2010-06-22 08:49 PM