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    Falling Match = Tetris + Color match 3 + Physics.

    iTunes Link: iTunes Store
    Youtube:[ame=]YouTube - Falling Match - Tetris style match 3 with physics[/ame]
    It shows the challenges of one of the levels and then the "penalty" if you destroy the shape (in this case) that you are not supposed to which is the platform rises a bit.

    Try to connect three or more blocks of the same color to destroy them.
    Don't let the stack reach the top,or the game will end.

    Drag your finger across the screen to move left,right,or down.

    Your finger doesn't need to touch the block.
    Tap the fire button to burn the block which is falling.
    Do not use drop button or drag down when you want the collision not too strong.

    Tap once on the screen.

    What's new in future
    1.Add a free mode,that mean you will get endless levels.
    2.Add openfeint.
    2009-12-15 03:46 PM
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    Review by New England Gamer
    Looking for a new variant of your Match 3 game? How about a twist on Tetris? Tetrisy match 3 with the elements of physics mixed in -- together it spells Falling Match. With its bright colors and variety of shapes Falling Match will draw you in with its simplicity and hook you for more with its strategic nature.

    Game Play:
    Each level will list a requirement of do's and don'ts. The don'ts won't prevent you from passing the level, but they will make it harder by raising the lower yellow and black striped platform giving you a smaller space to maneuver your blocks. Making subsequent matches will lower that platform a slight amount each time, unless you make an additional "do not" matches. The do's must be accomplished in order to unlock the next level. Do's are such things as making a match of two sets of a green circle, square and triangle and the don'ts might be don't match any reds. Keeping the rules of the levels straight certainly adds to the strategy of placement.

    Dropping the blocks is accomplished with finger swipes. Tapping the screen rotates the shapes. This is important to steady your stack and fit as many blocks in the rows as possible. Moving the blocks from side to side can use some refinement however as sometimes its a little too sensitive and the blocks might fall not quite where you might like them to. Shapes settle as they land and you make matches by bringing the pieces closer together. That's where the physics comes in. Dragging the block towards the bottom (or using the down arrow) makes the block crash harder against the rows of blocks. This might roll some other matches into one another if you need. Don't drag or use the side buttons for a more precise placement. Each level has a limited number of "explosions" allowed. If the block falling is of no use in the current set up, you can have the choice of not allowing it to ever reach the bottom by pushing that fire button.

    Game Elements:
    The music is lively. The catchy tunes set the mood perfectly. The graphics are spot on for the shapes in this kind of game. The colors are vibrant against the black background, a welcome change from so many line drawing art styles that are popular of late.

    Overall Impressions:
    Some refinement of the controls would be welcome in an update to make them more accurate. But more importantly it would be nice to see a multi-match bonus for cascades that occur. A bit frustrating is the sometimes extreme randomization of shapes that fall. If there is a "do" that is required to pass a level, then more of those shapes and colors should fall. Its a bit tedious to wade through so many extraneous blocks while waiting for the blocks you need to fall. All that while more "don'ts" accumulate as well. But overall this is a very fun game that will satisfy the puzzler in everyone since it combines elements well.

    Keeping Score?
    This release version would earn an 8/10. Refinement of the touch controls, an addition of a score multiplier to reward cascades or more matches at once, and tweaking of the kinds of blocks that fall given the level's parameters would raise the score on an update. Minor correction of some typos would be appreciated as well.
    2009-12-20 08:38 PM

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