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    Hello ya all,

    Memosyne is a game that requires memory and is real simple game for a change. Seems that all the new games that are released for iPhone are more and more complex - we are taking a bit different approach - we make simple but very polished and bug free games. Memosyne is a good example of that.

    Game description:
    Classic memory testing game right in your pocket!

    Test your brains against increasingly challenging memorizing game. Compare your scores against players from all around the world!

    All you have to do is to repeat in the same order the sequence is shown to you.

    This Finnish quality product resembles an old video game from the 70's called Simon.

    √ Quick and simple fun
    √ May improve your memory and concentrations skills
    √ Online score comparison
    √ Online World Records!

    User comments:
    I love it. The UI is nice aswell. I got a 58 on my first try.
    I will recommend this game to all my friends with ipod touch's/iphone (:
    It's similar to an old simon says game I had. It's great that you can compare and submit your scores online.

    YouTube link: [ame=]YouTube - Memosyne - hands on demo[/ame]

    iTunes link: Get it from iTunes App Store for 0.99$

    LITE iTunes link: Get FREE Lite version!

    Have fun playing the game!

    Best Regards,
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    *** Memosyne updated to 1.1 ***

    New update arrived with online World Records - test if your memory is the best in the world!
    2010-04-02 09:00 PM

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