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    Adam's Trouble Full

    Category: Games
    Price: $0.99
    Size: 8.7MB

    Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

    Product URL: Adam's Trouble Full

    What is Adamís Trouble?

    Adams Trouble is an addictive adventure game with 25 levels that will have you pitting your best skills against a variety of opponents.

    App Description:

    Welcome to the bigger and better version of Adamís Trouble Lite. Poor lilí Adam is in a whole load of trouble - again! The feisty little man is trapped in a basement with toxic fluid filling up fast and threatening to turn him into a puddle of plastic!! But you can help, canít you? You see all you have to do is find the right valve and release it so that Adam can get the hell out of there.

    A pull here and push there will launch him in the right direction, but if youíre directionally challenged (like we were the first time we tried) you are bound to miss and land Adam in even bigger trouble! And just as you pat yourself for getting the hang of it, what do you think is waiting for you? 25 levels with bigger enemies to dodge, more friends to be rescued, power ups to be used and more than enough doors, locks, keys and gases to leave you dizzy with confusion. Yep, itís no wonder that Adamís Trouble is the hardest, wickedest, obnoxious, and most unforgettable game out there. And if you consider yourself a hardcore iPhone gamer, well then simply see how you measure up.

    Guarantee: You will be frustratingly addicted to Adamís Trouble.

    Warning: All the twists and turns may cause brain injury.

    Product URL: Adam's Trouble | Adventure Game | Toughest iPhone App

    Pro version Features:
    ē Full of surprises.
    ē Each level will test your gaming skills.
    ē 22 power packed levels to satisfy your gaming tooth.
    ē Additional 2 bonus levels.
    ē New enemies to face.
    ē More friends to save.
    ē Power ups to be used
    ē Blowers, toxic gases, shields etc, now included in the game.
    ē Adam comes fitted with exciting new powers.
    ē New game play mode allows you to play your favorite levels.
    ē A chance to enter a competition and become the winning player of Adamís Trouble.

    ē Works with iPhone and iPod Touch OS 3.0
    ē WiFi, Edge or 3G Network Required


    Demo Video URL: [ame=]YouTube - Adam's Trouble Full - Is Trouble Your Middle Name?[/ame]

    Download Link: Adam's Trouble Full
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    The Loaded Adventure App With 25 Nippy Levels is Going FREE for a Limited Duration in a Few Days.

    Adams Trouble Full is The Advanced Version of Adamís Trouble Lite - Adam's Trouble Lite with More Engaging and Tougher Levels.

    Branded ĎAs Tough As Nailsí Adams Trouble Going FREE Should be a Bonanza for Adventure Gamers Pretty Soon.

    Check for more details: Adam's Trouble Full
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    2010-03-03 12:58 PM
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    Adamís Trouble Full iPhone App is back on App Store - Adam's Trouble Full

    Thanks for your patience.

    The update v1.3 with 25 levels is FREE for a limited time. Grab your copy now.

    A review on the store is appreciated.
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    2010-03-15 12:37 PM