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    "Secretary" is now available in App store for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

    Secretary ( Personal one ) for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Secretary is one who note and lists all your important tasks and notifies you back when it has to be done.

    Secretary helps by noting all your important tasks along with start and due date. It has many helpful features such as:

    * Calender

    * Today schedules

    * Tomorrow schedules

    * OverDues

    * Flagged

    * Undated

    * All Tasks

    * Groups

    * Context

    * Locations

    * Search & Sort

    It has few interesting features that other apps in this category don't provide like:

    * Push Notification (Notifies your schedule when your app is not launched)

    * Images

    * Audios

    Important feature is Push Notification which alerts you even when application is not launched.

    You can enter as many tasks as you like with date, time, location of the task and you also have group option where you can create groups for particular tasks.

    You can assign priority for the tasks and insert images and audios as many as you like for your tasks.

    Secretary will show you what you need to do right now and which is your next task and all.

    Download your secretary now and it will follow you where ever you go.

    2010-02-20 07:29 AM