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    We've just released a new app called AirportSearch, which is free. This app is basically a front end to data from, but the data is stored in a local database on the phone. The app allows you to search from over to search over 5,000 airports, over 9,000 airlines, and over 56,000 routes, then see details about them.

    What is unique about this app, however, is not the app itself, but the database technology being used under the surface. This is the first use on the iPhone of our RDM Embedded database SDK. RDM Embedded is a high performance, proven product, which has been in use for many years, but has now arrived on the iPhone. As far as we can tell, there is currently no other native database alternative to SQLite, and we are glad to give developers a new option.

    RDM Embedded is the only database to support the relational and high performance network database models. It also brings features such as replication, which could allow a database on the iPhone to talk to a remote database all natively, without relying on something external like a web service.

    We have more info about RDM Embedded as well as the AirportSearch app at:

    AirportSearch iTunes download (FREE):
    High Performance Database SDK for iPhone |
    2010-02-27 06:25 PM

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